Sunday, August 30, 2015

Clips4sale Update - September 30th, 2015

Hot new video never seen before added just now! *KISSES*

Lipstick FacialBuy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 228 MB
Length: 8 minutes
Today & Now Collection (x-large sized 1280x720pixel)I know you all love seeing my pouting full lips covered in a nice hot red lipstick. The hardness of your cock in front of me tells me that all by itself. Let me help you though, I can't resist sucking on something so wonderfully tasty looking! And don't worry, when you can't control yourself any more, you're more then welcome to try to aim for my open waiting mouth!

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Clips4sale Update - August 10th, 2015

I've added a new camera to my collection lately and here is the first attempt at using it! An underwater action camera! Come check out either of my Clips4sale stores and check it out for yourself! Remember you can also get monthly memberships as well where you get access to over 19,000 photos as well! *SMOOCH*

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Underwater Masturbation UnrenderedBuy Now
Price: $19.99
Size: 519 MB
Length: 19 minutes
Today & Now Collection (x-large sized 1280x720pixel)With a new waterproof camera to test out, I thought what better way to test it then plug it under water with me while I play with my sweet pussy! I turn on my LED waterproof vibrator and go to town. This video is the unedited version, please see 'Underwater Masturbation Rendered' to see the video with the editing I thought made it a bit better.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sneak Peek - Tube Dress

I took my first photo set for the first time in over 8months last night, I even realized that I have videos I haven't even posted from that long ago now too! I have more content then I thought so first I have to go through adding that but here is a snap from it... it was a small set but for just getting back into it, I think they came out pretty good. Remember I'm not longer going to edit out things I think are just part of me, in this case the set has a bruise I didn't know on the back of my right arm, I should have known there would be one there though because earlier in the week I hit one of the door handles in the apartment in right about that area.

Anyhow, this set is a cute little tube dress that when folded looks no more then a very small shirt but man what fabric can do ;) Enjoy the preview and I'll drop by when I post it to my site.

My Black Ligh,

Soooo this morning, for the first time since I bought this kit, I opened up and set up the black light kit that I have. I spent like 25euro in total on this kit and I had my doubts because of the way the guy at the store said that it wasn't very good for large places but I guess what is large to one is not to the other! I plugged it in with my black out drapes pulled as good as I could and WOW! This thing picked up everything from front to back and all the stuff in between!

I'm VERY much looking forward to messing with it and I might still do so tonight, just depends how much want I have to be shooting photos on my own with the remote vs having Camera Man doing it. Will see how the evening goes. Tonight Camera Man is out with his old time mates for what is usually just a once or twice a year get together and catch up get together. They are having a BBQ and we even bought him some new summer clothes today. Oh! yea, even I found a couple of T-shirts today in the men's section of the store... I wish that I had been able to find that when I was working, I was paying 25+ euro per shirt at the big lady's store I usually go to and I got these for under 10 *rolls eyes* oh well, they will make good around the house shirts anyhow.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Babbling Again

Hello all my wonderfuls! It's another day here in the land of being a house wife in the middle of summer. I have lots going through my head but mostly I'm sitting here completely and utterly bored.

Tonight for the first time since November last year sometime, Camera Man and I have agreed to do some photo work. I have this cute  but very tight little tube dress that I'm going to get into with some black full pantyhose and heels... of course don't forget all my glamour sides that go with it.

This post is just a catch all for my thoughts, ideas and what is going through my mind as I await Camera Man to get off work or at least the time that I can start getting ready without fear that my efforts won't be undone before the photos get taken.

I figured if I'm going to come back, I'm going to come back a more relaxed me... that includes letting you into my real side a bit more often because if I do so, you'll get use to the non-glamour me as well and I can feel a bit better about shooting videos without always getting made up in all sorts of ways... specially for those not planned moments that I would like to capture such as some of the hot wake-up blow jobs I give Camera Man or the times that I find myself getting a few rubs in by myself. this means my photos and videos will now also show what I look like every day vs what look like after I've gone through putting on the very little bit of make-up that I do wear. When it comes down to it consists of liquid foundation, powder cover up, mascara, sometimes eye liner (both of these are always in black) and some lipstick. On VERY rare occasions I also wear some eye shadow but like maybe 2 or 3 times a year as well as what I do with my hair and how well it behaves for me when I do start to style it.

On that note, I have also come up with some more ideas that I want to shoot videos for...
 ~ Still want to make bubble gum blowing videos... might even see about some photo sets that include it from time to time.
 ~ Shoe/feet show... going to make a nice white background, put the camera low and show off my lovely plump feet while I show you my heels, which still fit and which don't after a 35kilo weight gain since I stopped working.
 ~ Balloon play... I have a whole wonderful assortment of balloons from shapes to small to big to REALLY fucking big balloons and I'm looking forward to playing with them. I even recently purchases big 9 foot (3 meter) large balloons... not sure what they are all about yet but I will explore them on camera.
 ~ Simple glamour videos... I use to do these often when I started... we'd run the video camera for a few minutes before shooting. Just showing you my wonderful body in motion while dressed all sexy for you. I have had requests to make these again so I will.
 ~ Walking in heels... another requested video set and if I still have heels I'm comfortable walking in, just going to show off my big 60+ inch ass, thick long legs and sexy feel in high heels walking back and forth for you.
 ~ Sea/beach videos... there have been a number of requests from outdoor to car to stuff like dipping my pretty toenail painted feet in the wet cool sand. I'm going to see about doing some of these this summer before the nice weather goes away. Perhaps even bringing in a friend or 2 to take this content.
 ~ Domination/sub stuffs... my 'bbw Dom riding her sub' video has sold so many times I can't count any more from the day I put it out right up until this week that it must be a re-do video... almost 8yrs later with new lingerie, on the bed with him bound and perhaps blind folded.
 ~ Tickling... this is a new fetish lately and I have *no* problems playing into it since Camera Man is so highly ticklish! I plan to bind him to the bed and go at it. I though am not ticklish I'm afraid so I can't do it the other way.
 ~ Black light... I had a VERY fun time with this last year! So much so that I invested in a large black light of my own to use in my bedroom with my black-out drapes pulled. I even made sure I had hot lingerie what would work in it as well as stuff like nail decals.

Do you have some video or photo requests for me?? E-Mail me your requests and I'll see what I can do but no promises. I have so many more ideas, we'll just have to see where time takes me. The only time I make requests 100% is when you buy a video in advance to ensure you get exactly what you want 100%. You can also contact me to ask what this means but only serious offers will be answered so be careful as what you start asking for.

One last question answered... I have been asked the last month or so why I decided to get back into making content. I have 2 reasons for this, specially the last month. First, if you have gone through my blog entries lately, you'll know I have decided after filing our income taxes this year that it is not worth me working the kind of work I do like doing vs how much money I actually bring in after losing it to almost 2000euro worth of taxes.

The 2nd reason only started to be known to me. As those who have actually taken the time to get to know me know that I have been on Xanax since around the time I had my cyst removed. They worked wonders and I stayed on roughly a 0.50mg (lowest does possible in the extended release form) dose for quite a few years, too many years to be honest. It was time that I came off them to not only make myself feel better but to ensure that if I do ever need them for a real emergency that they will be as effective as they need to be without being at a higher dose. For those of you who don't know the side effects to this drug, the biggest, TIREDNESS! OMG I didn't realize exactly how much this was effecting me with exception of night time! I have now been free of this drug for over a month  and I am so much more awake then I have ever been. That means more energy, more want, more will and the drive to do things I once found enjoyable... one of them is photos & videos.

I think Camera Man and I are going to plan for a weekly Friday evening session of photo shooting as this is a day there is no concern over going to bed early for work the next day, Videos will be a do it when we feel like it and a lot of solo shooting videos or when I have a planned request. I'm even going to mess with the remote shooting in the way of photo sets as I feel like it. I'm going to grab a friend or 2 as well to take some more gentle glamour style photos such as the sea side stuff I want since it's easier to get there during the week days vs the weekend or after Camera Man is off work, already tired from his day.

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Month & New Plans

Good morning all my wonderful readers! It's a new month and I have a lot in store for the rest of this year! I already have a nice stock of new videos on hand but have to go through the process of editing yet.

The rest of the year at least will be filled with lots of new ideas and video updates throughout. I will also try to squeeze in some photo sets but that is if I feel up to getting so dolled up that I can sit through a set :P

I have a new plan in my head... recently we have had a previous neighbor move out after having the police called one too many times for their 4 dogs which 2 would set each other off from the little tiny yapper type dog to the bigger english pitbull who would have a deep bark and howl. Recently we have a new neighbor who seems to have a single yappy type dog and so far both days that I know of it it starts up at around 7-8am and does NOTHING but yap! Because of that my new plan is in in progress.... MOVING FUND!!!

I need to save up 3000euro for a move... that will include deposit of 3 months (1 month down, 1st and last month type thing which will be any where from 1500-2000) and movers... no way we can move this entire 14yrs of stuff with a small car not to mention our fridge needs to go out the window which means hiring a window lift anyhow.

So with that said, Camera Man and I have agreed that I can put away my funds from my clips4sale work to move with. When we have the funds, we'll start looking for a new place. And you all know what a new place means! A better chance before moving to pick a place better suited for photos/videos firstly even with the idea of a 3rd bedroom that we decorate specially for that purpose perhaps! And 2ndly, a NEW shooting location that I can have lots of fun with!

I'm not asking for donations but if you find a video you like to perhaps would like to dip in for a membership, you can find my Main Clips4sale Here or my High Def Clips4sale Here. If you do want to donate for the sake of being kind, you can also find the TRIBUTE button on each store where you can drop any where from $5 to $500.

Here is for planning for the future! *KISSES*

Monday, July 27, 2015

New Content Making??

Ok so it seems that between Camera Man and I, we just needed a LONG time off vacation, it's been years since we were able to do almost 0 in the way of 'HAVING' to do things or worries so this past 9+ days off, we did *just* that.... *nothing*.

But with that said, since I'm no longer working and for the moment I'm also not looking considering what the income taxes are doing to us vs how much I make, I need to get the ball rolling on making new videos. Videos will be my main focus but once and a while I'll see if I can't pull out a photo set too seeing as they are easier to advertise with still... besides I have SO much lingerie/clothing still that I just hate to have it just sitting in my wardrobe looking cute rather then ON me!

I'll be looking into making some new videos solo this week and see where it goes in filming with camera man. First I think I need to clean up my bedroom nicely because I go about filming too much though as well I've just simply let it get cluttered with too much junk... need to get rid of recycling cardboard that got stored and what not *shrug* just not my best place for camera work atm.

Anyhow, any suggestions as to what to do for solo video, drop me a line... post here on the blog or email me at  *KISSES*